Palmela (Portugal)


We are experts in logistics operations. We plan, implement and transport.
We are qualified for planning and continuous improvement activities. We work in partnership with our clients in their logistics processes. We build lasting relationships based on the quality of our activities.


Our employees take part in Volkswagen’s production processes. We are qualified to take on this responsibility and we ensure productive tasks are performed with the same quality. We strictly comply with processes and assume a critical attitude, identifying opportunities for improvement and detecting errors.

Data Engineering

We help our clients with their IT processes and projects. We design multidisciplinary services in the area of information technology, from purchasing and user support to application support and development. We create projects tailored to requirements at all times, supported by a close Customer - Supplier relationship.

Business services

Tell us what you need!
We have the ability to work with our clients and design tailored services. From fleet management and maintenance to administrative services and customer and complaints management, among others.
Our goal is to satisfy your needs.


We are specialists. From Quality Assurance, Automation and Robotics Services to Industrial Design Systems (HLS), Hardware/Software Integration Testing and Testing Development.
We ensure top specialists dedicated to our clients.