For the Volkswagen Group compliance is: Adherence to legal requirements, internal corporate policies, ethical principles, and self-imposed values for the protection of the company and its brands.


A company can only be sustainably successful if it acts with integrity, complies with statutory provisions worldwide and stands by its voluntary undertakings and ethical principles. Compliance must be second nature to all Group employees.

The group wide Code of Conduct is basis for all decisions taken in the company and offers guidance for ethical conduct. Other publications of the Volkswagen Groupoffer further detailed information and advice.

Our whistleblower system

Complying with statutory regulations and internal rules, and the principles laid down in our Code of Conduct and the Code of Conduct for Business Partners, has top  priority at Volkswagen Group Services GmbH. The success of our company is based on Integrity and Compliance. To meet these standards, it is important to learn of potential employee or supplier misconduct and to put a stop to it.

Therefore, we entrusted  the Central Investigation Office to operate an independent, impartial and confidential Whistleblower System on our behalf.  

A key pillar of our Whistleblower System is the principle of procedural fairness. It also guarantees the greatest possible protection for whistleblowers, persons implicated
and employees contributing to the investigation of reported misconduct.  

This also includes offering opportunities for anonymous reporting and communication. We assure not to perform any steps in order to identify anonymous  whistleblowers, who do not misuse our Whistleblower System. Retaliation of whistleblowers and all persons who contribute to investigations at Volkswagen Group Services GmbH will not be tolerated. Persons implicated are presumed innocent until the violation is proven. Investigations will be conducted with the utmost confidentiality. The information will be processed in a fair, fast and protected process.

How do we process your report?

The qualified and experienced colleagues at the Investigation Office examine every report for potential misconduct by a Volkswagen Group employee thoroughly and follow it up systematically.  First, you will get a confirmation of  receipt. The Investigation Office then assesses your report. This includes gathering facts particularly from the whistleblower. Only if this initial evaluation shows grounds for suspicion of a violation an investigation by a dedicated Investigating Unit will be started. Afterwards, the results of the investigation will be assessed by the Investigation Office and appropriate measures will be recommended. Information about the status* and the outcome of the procedure will be given to you without undue delay.

Potential violations of the Code of Conduct for Business Partners by suppliers, including serious risks and violations of human rights and environment by direct and indirect suppliers, can also be reported to the Investigation Office -  as well as reports requiring otherwise immediate action. The Investigation Office will inform the responsible departments, who will process the issue accordingly. This particularly includes taking the necessary measures to minimize or end violations and/or risks.

* The processing time varies depending on the subject of the procedure.

Find more information on the procedural principles of the Volkswagen Group Complaints Procedure here.

Do you have any concerns or feedback regarding a service provided by Volkswagen Group Services GmbH?

If you have any feedback or complaints about services provided by Volkswagen Group Services GmbH, please contact

We kindly ask for your understanding that the Whistleblower System unfortunately cannot process customer complaints.

Submit a message to our whistleblower system

The whistleblower system provides various channels for reporting potential employee misconduct, allowing for rapid review and, if necessary, a response from our company.

However, this does not affect the statutory right to contact the competent authorities as described below.


24/7 hotline

You can file a report 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling the following international toll-free number: +800 444 46300*.  

If the toll-free number is not available via your local telephone service provider, you can also use the following chargeable number to report your concern: +49 5361 946300.

*In some countries, not all telephone service providers support the toll-free international hotline. In this case, please use the chargeable telephone number or the country-specific telephone number.

Country-specific telephone numbers

  • Brazil  0800-5912743 (Toll Free Number) 021-23911381 (Local Number)
  • Mexico 001-800-4610242 (Toll Free Number) 0155-71000355 (Local Number)
  • Slovak Republic 0800-002576 (Toll Free Number) 02-33325602 (Local Number)
  • USA 833-6571574 (Toll Free Number) 908-2198092 (Local Number)
  • South Africa 0800-99483 (Toll Free Number) 021-1003533 (Local Number)
  • Malaysia 1-800-819523 (Toll Free Number) 0154-600099 (Local Number)
  • Argentina 0800-6662992 (Toll Free Number) 011-52528632 (Local Number)
Online reporting channel

You have the option of using a web-based communication platform BKMS to contact the Investigation Office in many languages. The system is confidential and secure. Even if your preferred language is not offered in the reporting channel, you can use any language to submit your report. You can also contact the Investigation Office in any language by email or post.


Volkswagen Group Services GmbH has appointed external lawyers (ombudspersons) to advise on the whistleblower system or to ensure that reports from whistleblowers are forwarded to the Investigation Office – anonymously if requested.

If you would like to contact the ombudsperson, you can find all the necessary information at the following link: Ombudsmen of Volkswagen (


You can contact the Investigation Office of Volkswagen Group Services GmbH by email at the following address:

Postal address and in person

Postal address: Zentrales Aufklärungs-Office
                               Postfach 1717
                               38436 Wolfsburg

In person: Please make an appointment in advance by writing an email at

Do you have further questions?

Questions or suggestions for improvement concerning the Whistleblower System can also be addressed to the Investigation Office.

If you have been interviewed in terms of an investigation, you have the possibility to give feedback to the Ombudsperson as independent body.

Furthermore, our local Compliance Officer/responsible function can also be adressed in all matters of the Whistleblower System via

More information & downloads

The Volkswagen Group Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is a common set of guidelines for all employees in the Volkswagen Group. It helps in complying with existing rules and regulations and offers guidance, advice and support in everyday work situations and decision-making. The focus is on the responsibility of each individual employee to comply with the rules of ethical conduct.

PDF Download

Code of Conduct for Business Partners

The Code of Conduct for Business Partners makes clear which standards apply for business partners of the Volkswagen Group.

PDF Download

Declaration by the Volkswagen Group on social rights, industrial relations and business and human rights

The Volkswagen Group anchors fundamental social rights and principles with this declaration as part of its corporate policy.

PDF Download

General Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

In the Volkswagen Group, we give priority to the relationship with our business partners. We work daily to establish long-term relationships with our partners, based on a policy of proximity.

PDF Download